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Behind the scenes of tiny rhino designs

Sometimes big ideas start with one tiny step. When my mom, Rani, came to me with an idea to start a design company that could design anything from jewelry to home goods, I was all in. We all were. One of our earliest steps within the business was choosing its name. As we tossed around ideas, the words ‘Tiny Rhino’ were tossed into the mix. I knew right then and there that Tiny Rhino was the right name, for we were small but mighty. A little family capable of accomplishing big dreams.

So here we are, a family owned company creating gorgeous designs. Every aspect of every design is hand crafted directly from our family to yours. It may start as a sketch in Rani’s notebook that is transferred to the computer, then cut on our Glowforge and transferred to the Mike’s woodshop for detailed finishing work, then added to our site and shared with you by me, and then thoughtfully packaged and mailed to you by Jason, no matter the piece it is our little family each step of the way.

Thank you for joining our little family on this big journey.


Oh Hey there, Rani!

Rani is co-owner and co-founder of Tiny Rhino Designs. She is also the artist behind Jagged Touch Studio. While her formal training is in computer programming, as the daughter of an artist, she has spent most of her free time growing in her passion for creating meaningful artwork to share with the world. Rani’s happy place is in her studio, designing, painting, and creating her next vision and then sharing it with you!

Meet Mike!

Mike is co-owner and co-founder of Tiny Rhino Designs. Mike is self-taught in woodworking and is likely the person that put the finishing touches on the design you ordered. From major home renovation projects to tiny wooden toys, Mike has an incredible skill for building and beautifying any design. There is no project too big or too small.

Well Hello, Sheena!

As the daughter and granddaughter of artists, Sheena grew up with a deep appreciation for design. While her career path led her to become a veterinarian, she has always nurtured her love for design along the way. Through Sheena’s work on her own company, Hello Vet, she has also built a wealth of knowledge in branding and social media marketing. So whether it’s design creation or sharing those designs on social media, Sheena is somewhere behind the scenes helping us bring our creations to you.

Oh Hey, Dr. J!

Everyone needs a can-do member of the team. This is Jason. Or Dr. J as his veterinary clients refer to him. While he spends his day helping dogs and cats, he spends his evenings helping Tiny Rhino Designs get our task list complete so we can get our projects into your hands.